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Relay for Life


So a little about myself...

I guess I'll start from the beginning-ish of my story?

I was a freshman at Silver Creek High School in San Jose and I was

involved in water polo and swimming and dancing. In November of 2005, I

noticed a lump in my chest/armpit area and it was gradually getting

larger. It was not until May of 2006 that I got the lump removed, and then

the doctors tested it and brought me into their office to tell me the

news. I was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer in June 2006 called

Ewing's Sarcoma. It a cancer that usually shows up in the bones, but in my

case, it showed up in the soft tissue first... which was very lucky on my

part. Let's see.... I basically spent my entire life in a hospital for a

year. I had 14 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiation to my chest,

and close to 50 blood transfusions. too many to count. I was forced to

miss my sophomore year of high school and was home schooled for that whole

year, which made fall behind in many of my classes.

But eventually all the treatments were over and my scans were clean, and I

slowly returned back to my normal life. Junior year i returned with a

vengeance it seemed. I did Varsity Water Polo, Varsity Soccer, and Varsity

Swimming, while taking all the normally difficult classes a junior would

take. I was also a member of AKA dance company and danced 8.5 hours a

week. my life was pretty hectic, but i loved just being "normal" and

healthy again. i still have this mentality.

let's see... I have served as Treasurer of my school's California

Scholarship Federation my senior year and I was honoree for the Leukemia

Lymphoma Society's TEAM in Training. I have participated in the American

Cancer Society's Relay for Life for 3 years now, and I've also volunteered

a Camp Okizu for 2 years as a counselor, a camp for children dealing with


:) Feel free to ask me any questions!


November 2009

Relay for life
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Got this from a friend -

Brianna is an uplifting story. It shows that life can have its challenges, but there is hope to rise above it. Not only that, but by enduring your own struggle you can help others in similar situations; perhaps it was God’s plan.

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